Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wow has the time just passed us by. Over a year has passed since I have posted anything new so I thought that today would be the day to catch you all up.

Kaden is in Kindergarten now and loving it. He goes all day and it is a nice break for me. He is doing really well and learning lots including some not so nice words I wish that he didn't.

Karsen is in Pre-school in the mornings for a few hours. He loves ridding the bus with Kaden to school. He has made tons of friends and loves to paint and play outside.

I have to say it is kinda nice to have just April home with me in the mornings. It took April a while to get used to being the only one home. I still don't think she likes to be the only one home as she follows me all around the house. She is growing up way to fast. She is quite the little tease also. I should have known from the minute she entered this world and grabbed the

Dr's. tools he was using and wouldn't let go that she would be a tease. She knows how to get the boys attention thats for sure. She loves to dress herself and throws a fit if I try to help. She is my bundle of joy!

Scott is still in school and doing great! He will be done at the Community College in December and will be moving on to the University in March. We can't wait for that.

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